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Matt Starnes combines his loves of client satisfaction, research, writing, sales, and marketing in his duties as Account Executive here at Leading Results. Matt has over a decade of experience in sales and marketing and a wealth of client services and management experience. Matt has nine years of broad sales experience including inside-sales, outside sales, and retail environments. He has managed both sales teams and staff in call center environments and has over five years of marketing and promotions experience. Matt began his career in radio as a writer, producer, DJ, host, and promotions; all skills he still uses to some capacity today. When he isn’t managing accounts, writing, researching, or editing, Matt can be found hosting podcasts, reading, volunteering, spending time with his wife and family, playing board games, and walking/exercising.
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Meet Cassie Brown, Chief Experience Officer and Owner of TCG Events

Posted by Matt Starnes | June 20, 2018


Join host Matt Starnes for an insightful conversation with Cassie Brown, Chief Experience Officer and owner of TCG Events.

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Semantic search is here, and it will change your SEO strategy

Posted by Matt Starnes | May 24, 2018


Do you feel like your SEO strategy team is constantly trying to keep your content and organic search strategy up to Google’s standards? It’s almost like trying to impress a date – we need the right lines (keywords), or Google won’t ask us out again. Like a good dinner date, Google’s algorithms are looking for conversational language, not one-word answers and dead-end questions.

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Data Visualization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Sterling Scott of Stratifyd

Posted by Matt Starnes | May 8, 2018


Join Marketing Monster Mashup’s host, Matt Starnes, for an insightful conversation about data visualization and artificial intelligence (AI) with Sterling Scott of Stratifyd.

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Using A/B Testing to CYA

Posted by Matt Starnes | March 28, 2018


Welcome to A/B testing 101! We’re going to walk through A/B testing by defining it and then discussing the three steps of how to A/B test effectively: prep work, what to do during testing, and post-A/B testing. Then we’ll discuss the benefits – one of which is how A/B testing can CYA.

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Steve Kinzler of Element Funding on Marketing Monster Mashup

Posted by Matt Starnes | March 6, 2018


Join Marketing Monster Mashup’s host, Matt Starnes, and Laura Lorenz for a fun and insightful conversation with Steve Kinzler of Element Funding.

Steve Kinzler, NMLS# 664766, has more than 30 successful years in the banking, mortgage, and financial services industry where he’s held several senior leadership roles.

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How to Approach Any Food Situation with TNT

Posted by Matt Starnes | January 18, 2018


Here I go again! Right before the December holidays, I managed to get the energetic Courtney Barnes of Total Nutrition Technology to sit down and record an episode of Marketing Monster Mashup (the official podcast of Leading Results).

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SEO for Growth with Phil Singleton

Posted by Matt Starnes | December 21, 2017


Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Phil Singleton on our podcast, Marketing Monster Mashup (the official podcast of Leading Results). Phil shared what inspired him to work with small businesses on their search engine optimization (SEO) growth strategies.

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Market Like Thor

Posted by Matt Starnes | November 14, 2017


Thor: Ragnarok is a considerable risk-taking departure in style from the first Thor movie, which was essentially a Shakespearean play meets superheroes. The second film in the franchise, Thor: The Dark World, was aptly named – a dark story where Thor even loses his love interest. Ragnarok is sort of the Norse version of Armageddon, so it could have easily continued the dark view and tone … but instead, Thor: Ragnarok (the third installment in the Thor universe and 17th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by the way) goes the route of heavy comedy blended with action. The combination is pulling in huge profits and fantastic reviews as a result.

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Inspiration, Action, and How They Apply to Your Business

Posted by Matt Starnes | October 26, 2017


I recently attended HubSpot’s INBOUND 2017 marketing convention in Boston and had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Brouwer for our Marketing Monster Mashup podcast. Lisa shared her amazing story of why she drove her motorcycle from New York City to San Francisco on the 100th anniversary of the first women to take that historic trip.

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What's YOUR Marketing Pennywise?

Posted by Matt Starnes | October 5, 2017


I’m not really a horror guy, but I’m familiar with Stephen King – and considering his books have sold over 350 million copies, it’s safe to say a lot of people are familiar with Stephen King. I went through a phase as a kid where I read It, Christine, Cujo, and more; as an adult, I recently found myself in a matinee watching It: Chapter One.

I was scared.


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