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Thanksgiving: To Shop or Not to Shop?

Posted by Courtney Wachob | November 21, 2017


The debate continues – to shop on Thanksgiving Day or not to shop on Thanksgiving Day?

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Give Thanks for Marketing Content!

Posted by Katie Lorenz | November 20, 2017


A Thanksgiving meal is like your marketing.

Wait, wait, don’t leave! We know it sounds cheesy, but hear us out.

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Market Like Thor

Posted by Matt Starnes | November 14, 2017


Thor: Ragnarok is a considerable risk-taking departure in style from the first Thor movie, which was essentially a Shakespearean play meets superheroes. The second film in the franchise, Thor: The Dark World, was aptly named – a dark story where Thor even loses his love interest. Ragnarok is sort of the Norse version of Armageddon, so it could have easily continued the dark view and tone … but instead, Thor: Ragnarok (the third installment in the Thor universe and 17th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by the way) goes the route of heavy comedy blended with action. The combination is pulling in huge profits and fantastic reviews as a result.

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3 Social Media Platforms B2B Companies are Using to Their Full Potential

Posted by Trevor McWilliams | November 9, 2017


By now, you know that social media is important to your company’s success; the challenge comes with knowing which social platforms to target and how to best use them. This is relatively easy in the B2C world, but people get a bit more of a headache in the B2B world.

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Social Media Relationships vs Face-to-face Relationships

Posted by Laura Lorenz | November 7, 2017


I had a conversation with someone who asked me if I thought the relationships they’re building on social media are as strong as the ones they build face to face. Interesting question. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each type of relationship.

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6 Things You Should Know about Google My Business

Posted by Claire Motz | November 3, 2017


Google My Business is a free listing service provided by Google that helps your business show up on Google Search and Maps. Google wants their users to have the best search experience, so they’ve made it easy for businesses to create listings where visitors can get information without even opening a website. With recent updates, Google My Business can be optimized for service businesses that don’t have brick-and-mortar locations but still want to focus on local traffic.

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3 Things You Need to Know to Nurture a Lead Through a Long Sales Cycle

Posted by Kimberly Hughes | November 2, 2017



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Effective Marketing in Under 280 Characters

Posted by Branna Calloway | October 31, 2017


Twitter is the go-to place to voice your opinion about what’s going on in the world and a great place to connect with people who either already love your work or could become your perfect customer.

Recently, the Twitter bigwigs decided to increase the maximum length of a tweet from 140 to 280 characters – in essence, taking away the thrill of having only a small amount of space to form your thoughts.

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Inspiration, Action, and How They Apply to Your Business

Posted by Matt Starnes | October 26, 2017


I recently attended HubSpot’s INBOUND 2017 marketing convention in Boston and had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Brouwer for our Marketing Monster Mashup podcast. Lisa shared her amazing story of why she drove her motorcycle from New York City to San Francisco on the 100th anniversary of the first women to take that historic trip.

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Are You Running Marketing Technology or is It Running You?

Posted by Dan Kraus | October 24, 2017


Is marketing technology running your business into the ground or are you using marketing technology to gain new ground?

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