5 Tips For Surviving Day 2 of Inbound 2014

Posted by Darling Jimenez      Date Sep 17, 2014 8:00:00 AM


5 Awesome Quotes From Day On Keynotes at Inbound 2014

Posted by Darling Jimenez      Date Sep 16, 2014 11:41:00 PM


HubSpot: Now with CRM included!

Posted by Dan Kraus      Date Sep 16, 2014 5:02:00 PM


The space-time continuum between sales and marketing is rapidly moving to extinction. Sales individuals must think like marketers (see John Jantsch’s new book – Duct Tape Selling), and marketers are engaging with prospects in what had traditionally been considered a sales activity. Brian Halligan, the CEO of HubSpot has repeated a number of time "The traditional sales process in broken. Instead of "always be closing," the next generation of sales teams will "always be helping."

Customers have changed their buying process dramatically. Marketers and sales teams have begun to adjust their approach. But the tools that teams use to effectively work together have not kept up (see this post we wrote a few months ago)... Until now.

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Wholesale Knowledge Drain

Posted by Dan Kraus      Date Sep 15, 2014 8:59:37 AM


There has been a lot written about Costco and their success as compared to other “wholesale clubs”. I particularly like this article in Bloomberg. And while I like Costco and have been a member at times, I currently do not live within a reasonable driving distance to one, so I belong to BJ’s.

While chatting with the check out clerk this morning, she commented (as she scanned my quart of blueberries) that they (BJ’s) had finally gotten smart and starting taping the containers shut. I commented that I agreed it was a good thing because I had one pop open on me in my cart and had lost all the berries to the parking lot. She said the same thing had happened to her.

Then she went on to say that she had observed a lot of little things the company could do better. When I asked her if she tells the company about them, her answer was no; that they only care if they do something wrong and never tell them (the staff) when they do something right. She said “I have not been late in eight months, or called out sick, but god help me if my supervisor saw me chewing gum”. (I would guess she is about 40 years old). In a few additional comments, she indicated that she really did not feel appreciated at all, but going to a place like Costco was impractical because it really was too far to drive.

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Learn from the marketing brilliance of the ALS Bucket Challenge

Posted by Darling Jimenez      Date Aug 26, 2014 10:21:56 AM


It’s everywhere, dominating your Facebook news feed and your TV screen. You cannot get away from it because from George Bush to Lady Gaga, everybody is doing it. The ALS bucket challenge has managed to leverage social media to raise awareness and massive donations ($80 Million as of yesterday). But why has the ALS Bucket challenge been so successful?

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The second critical role on your marketing team

Posted by Laura Lorenz      Date Aug 20, 2014 10:26:00 PM


In my last blog, I began discussing the change in marketing that has occurred over the last fifty or so years. Strategy was the focus of that post.

In this post, we’ll discuss the difference between copy-writers of old and great content writers of today.

When I think about copy-writers, I think of Peggy from Mad Men. Her job was to create promotional materials for the purpose of selling to a specific demographic. It needed to be able to persuade the reader to buy whatever the copy is selling. They used focus groups to see if the copy they wrote would move people to action.

Great content writers today write educational content that helps a potential client figure out how to solve a problem they are having. They need to be able to gently guide them through their buyer’s journey, helping the reader or viewer arrive at the conclusion that their product or service is the only one that will solve the problem.

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Sales Automation vs Marketing Automation

Posted by Dan Kraus      Date Aug 14, 2014 10:11:53 PM


I was recently talking with prospective client about automation for the business development process, specifically marketing automation, and she asked to explain the difference between sales automation and marketing automation.

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Are you telling stories with a point or creating a verbal jigsaw puzzle with your talk?

Posted by Dan Kraus      Date Jul 31, 2014 7:37:32 PM

I get the opportunity to watch and listen to fabulous speakers. Some I watch live, some recorded (I “waste” my downtime watching TED videos), and when I watch these speakers – Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Tom Peters, Scott Brinker, just as examples – I see people who are outstanding storytellers and whose stories all lead to and support the point of their talks.
In the past two days, sitting at very large conference, I got to listen to two different keynotes. Two individuals were given the stage in front of 5000 people – to make a point, to inspire, to teach. What ensued from each was a 45 minute verbal jigsaw puzzle. Each had stories to highlight their experiences, but even though the stories may have been slightly related to the conference, they had no unifying string or theme. It was left to us in the audience to figure out what they meant, how to tie it together, and how to relate it to our experiences. Read More

Are you using your sense of humor in your marketing and brand?

Posted by Dan Kraus      Date Jul 29, 2014 1:04:45 AM


A friend sent me this picture from the park Manitou Springs, Colorado. It proves that even municipalities can have a sense of humor in getting their message across. Does this help keep the park clean? I have no idea, but I would expect so. If nothing else, it makes the message more memorable, and memorable helps create action.

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Do We Trust Our Technology Too Much?

Posted by Anna Oates      Date Jul 21, 2014 11:00:00 AM


Editor's Note:  The post below is from our summer intern, Anna, and highlights a view of the "real" from a full time college student and digital native.


As someone who grew up with technology basically being more of a right than a privilege I have found myself not only surrounded with wants for the newest gadget but a reliance on it. For our world has gone automatic, cutting edge, we use these gadgets to make our lives easier, we hardly ever consider the old way because it’s too time consuming or it simply takes too much effort.

Last week I was put in charge of doing biographies for a client’s web page. It was a simple enough task with simple enough questions to ask. It shouldn’t have been a problem at all. But I found myself faced with one. With technology at my disposal I chose not to go through the painstaking process of scribing the interviews and opted to simply record them on my iPhone.

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