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The Technical Role in Marketing

Posted by Laura Lorenz | August 29, 2016


I was doing an audit of the Leading Results blogs, and to my horror I found that I had started a four-part blog series last year – and never completed it. I had been binge watching Mad Men and decided to look at how marketing has changed over the years. 

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4 Practices to Help Professionals Increase Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Posted by Kimberly Hughes | August 25, 2016


With so many social media outlets in use today, it’s difficult to determine where you should spread your social media presence.

People often think that LinkedIn is just for job seekers, but that’s not the case. In fact, it’s the exact opposite – life on LinkedIn begins when you land a job. Actively utilizing LinkedIn to get an understanding of who the thought and industry leaders are in their community and who’s most capable of handling their business needs is a key benefit for those in the professional services industry. Optimized correctly, your profile will help you expand your contact base and increase lead generation on LinkedIn.

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5 Must-haves for a Successful Website

Posted by Trevor McWilliams | August 23, 2016


When searching the internet, there is nothing worse than opening a website and having no idea what it’s offering or where to go next. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, having a website is vital – it serves as an around the clock marketing tool and an opportunity for new leads. Ensuring you have a successful website is even more important because it is a direct representation of your business. Bad website = bad reputation.

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3 Ways Good Marketing Will Improve Your Patients’ Appointments

Posted by Courtney Wachob | August 17, 2016


People go to doctors for many reasons: they need an annual physical, they have a short-term sickness, they're chronically ill, they need surgery, they're getting an elective procedure ... well, you get the idea. 

Many people are intimidated by doctors and doctors' offices, which can be stressful even for those who are electing to have procedures. 

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You Are Putting Too Much Effort into Your Content Marketing

Posted by Dan Kraus | July 27, 2016


Your tech business is busy. You have product release cycles to manage. Customer support to provide. Training videos to record and publish. FAQ documents to write and verify. And, of course, new sales to make. Marketing is always on the to-do list, but never seems to get done because you don’t have the time to create the content to support it.

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Marketing Ninja Warrior

Posted by Katie Lorenz | July 19, 2016


Marketing ninja warrior? What the heck is that? Many of you have seen the TV show American Ninja Warrior, but if you haven't, here's a brief description: ANW is a game show in which contestants must tackle and succeed in beating very challenging obstacle courses. Now, I know what you're thinking – "How does this have anything to do with marketing my business?"

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Go Where Your Customers Could Be and Your Competition Ain't

Posted by Courtney Wachob | July 12, 2016


There's a restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC with legit Maryland-style seafood. How do I know it's legit, you ask? Because I spent 12 years – my formative years, I might add – going to the beach in Ocean City, MD.

I mourned good seafood when I moved down south – fried seafood is an abomination. So when my parents and I discovered this truly Maryland-style seafood in a place so far away, we were ecstatic.

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Click Here to Shrink Your Business! (Part Two)

Posted by Matt Starnes | July 7, 2016


You still want your professional services business to be successful, right? You're still focused on growth, right? Excellent. In part one of this blog, we defined organic and inorganic growth, talked about focusing on a well-defined niche, and began to discuss differentiation.

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What You Need to Know About Growth-Driven Design for Marketing

Posted by Kimberly Hughes | June 29, 2016


The web development world has been buzzing about GDD, or Growth-Driven Design, which is a methodology that embraces small, methodical, and frequent design changes to a website as compared to a total, one-time, comprehensive redesign. The explosion of GDD has enlightened marketing professionals on flaws regarding traditional marketing tactics, inviting our mindset to evolve and forcing Type-A marketers, like myself, to take a step back, and embrace the process.

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A New Monster Joins the Leading Results Team!

Posted by Laura Lorenz | June 23, 2016


A few years ago, when we decided to use HubSpot for our clients, we found that we had to feed the content monster to leverage inbound marketing. 

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