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The Ebb and Flow of Marketing Agency Relationships

Posted by Dan Kraus | August 3, 2015


I’ve had a lot of houseguests these past few weeks, and one thing that has struck me is how much energy some take and how little energy others take. I’m not talking about the entertaining or cooking or cleaning the sheets after they leave – they were all classically “good” houseguests – but rather the actual energy and exhaustion that I feel (or don’t) after they are gone.

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If Your Language Doesn't Evolve, You'll Go Extinct

Posted by Courtney Wachob | July 23, 2015


Sometimes I ask my boyfriend if he remembered to set the DVR to tape our favorite shows. 

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The Correct Use of Content

Posted by Susan Grewell | July 13, 2015


Like many, I enjoy running outdoors and I often run in my neighborhood. Along with this penchant, I also love nature and particularly trees. So as I run in my neighborhood I am often captivated by the beauty of the trees there – and occasionally, saddened.

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Why HubSpot?

Posted by Dan Kraus | June 22, 2015


We get this question a lot. Why should I work with HubSpot? Why do I want to pay for my website when I can create it for free on WordPress? Isn’t it the same thing as Marketo/Pardot/Lead Lander/insert your choice here.

I have great answers to this question, but first, I want to set some context.

We talk to a lot of software and technology businesses that are in a unique stage of growth – we like to call it the “getting ready for the next leap” stage. These companies have survived start-up and all the bumps associated with getting a product into the market and getting traction. They are no longer a technology or software application looking for a good use-case. They've found a target market that benefits from their products, they have happy customers, and now they want to grow to the next level.

These companies have invested heavily in engineering and sales. Marketing, not so much – and that is where they need to go to reach the next growth curve.

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How Are You Being Perceived?

Posted by Courtney Wachob | June 9, 2015


My car was recently rear-ended, and the insurance company decided to total my car. I'm not great with change, so my new car is nearly the same – same straight drive, same color, same sedan model, same fabric seats, etc. (I can't deny that I love the new Bluetooth, though!)

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100 Percent of the Time – or at least 99 Percent

Posted by Dan Kraus | May 6, 2015


Nothing is 100% certain, except, as Mr. Ben Franklin once said, death and taxes (and who knows, death may not be 100% certain for much longer). But it seems to me that there is a marketing and sales advantage that accrues to the company that strives for 100% and advertises that fact.

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Social Media Bullying

Posted by Matt Starnes | April 21, 2015


I was attending a Meetup at a local coffee shop in Charlotte, NC recently when six customers walked in sat down at one of the reserved tables and chairs for our group. The night was young and we were not using the space yet although our gaming group members sat all around them. We greeted new attendees and welcomed them into the various board games started around the room. An hour and a half after the customers sat in our reserved space we asked them politely to move to the bar seating and pointed out the signage at the table they sat around clearly had the name of our group, time span, and in all caps RESERVED. What followed was disturbing and had never occurred before.

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Women, Money & Entrepreneurship

Posted by Darling Jimenez | April 15, 2015


As a web developer, I have had the blessing of working with a lot of people; many of these have been women running businesses, fighting to stay afloat. A lot of these women were excellent in their professions as hair stylist, musicians, and chefs. However, they all seem to have a common characteristic. As I asked them questions about their businesses and their goals in wanting a new website, they all seemed to hesitantly answer no to one very important set of questions.

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Google’s Mobile Search Update – What To Do To Be Prepared

Posted by Darling Jimenez | April 8, 2015


You may or may not have heard that Google is yet again cooking up a new algorithm for its ranking system. This time, the main focus of the algorithm is to improve customers’ experiences as they relate to mobile technology.

Google has always kept its focus on providing its users with exactly what they are looking for. To continue to service customers in this way, Google will now penalize you for not having a mobile-friendly website.

If you have a mobile-friendly website, you’re off the hook. Otherwise, here are some steps to take before the April 21, 2015 deadline.

  • Find out if your website is mobile friendly: grab your phone and search for your website. Do you have to zoom in and out in order to view the content clearly? If not, check out the steps below.
  • You can also take our partner’s Marketing Grader Quiz to check if your website is mobile by clicking here.

If your website is not mobile-friendly here are a couple of suggestions on what to do next:

You should already have Google analytics and Webmaster tools set up on your website (if you don’t click here), so you can log into your Google account and look at Google’s mobile friendly test tool. This will give you some advice on how to improve your mobile website.

Google Page Speed Insights: Webmaster tools also allows you to check out your site speed. For mobile sites, this is particularly important as people are accessing your website from 4G, 5G, and other non-standard networks that can be significantly slower. A standard a score of 80 and above is good enough to pass the test.

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Price, Service and Brand Alignment

Posted by Dan Kraus | April 4, 2015


Seth Godin recently wrote a post on luxury and customer service, the essence of which is that if you can afford to pay more, the service doesn’t have to be great because the brand figures you can just buy another, – you can read it here – and I wanted to pile on with two recent experiences.

First was my wife’s experience with her Coach bag. She loves the Coach brand. She’ll walk into the store in the mall just to smell it. So recently she had a problem with one bag when the handles starting unraveling, she took it back to the store and they shipped it off to look at it for repair. 

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