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Need Better Editing? Right This Way, Please.

Posted by Courtney Wachob | May 23, 2017

First things first: No automatic editing tool can ever take the place of a human – nothing is better than a professional editor who understands the natural flow of language and has a strong grasp of grammar and punctuation.

That being said, if you’re the human who does the editing and you want to take a last pass over your work, or if the human who does the editing is unavailable and you absolutely need to send something out, there are several helpful options available online. 

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Is Your Marketing Company Telling You What You Need to Know?

Posted by Laura Lorenz | May 18, 2017


I’ve switched roles at Leading Results and love it! I spend my time talking with people to see how we can help them grow their business.

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5 Personality Traits to Avoid When Hiring New Employees

Posted by Darling Jimenez | May 16, 2017


I recently read an article by Business Daily that blew my mind – it was called “The Cost of a Bad Hire.” Some of the statistics on bad hires and the cost they have for agencies were surprisingly high. This sparked an interest in me on the topic of personality versus experience and whether one outweighed the other or if they were equally important. 

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2 Ways You’re Killing Your Marketing Efforts

Posted by Kimberly Hughes | May 11, 2017


As marketers – and especially marketers that work for agencies – our goal is to generate qualified leads for our clients and our own companies. Of course, there’s a lot of other work that goes into being a standout marketer, but at the end of the day, if we don’t produce sales qualified leads for our clients or company, we’re out of a job.

If your current lead generation tactics make you feel like you’re treading water in the deep end, don't worry – the solution is easier than you think.

And it very likely has something to do with your frame of mind.

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The Power of Having Your Shit Together

Posted by Matt Starnes | May 9, 2017


Like many small business owners and employees of small businesses, I attend networking functions. Last year I went to an event that had a small roundtable introduction followed by a brief mixer. You had 60 seconds to promote whatever you wanted and sell yourself. I was starting Leading Results’ podcast, Marketing Monster Mashup, so I closed our commercial with an invitation for guests.

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Are You Taking Your Website Seriously?

Posted by Dan Kraus | May 2, 2017


Last week I had the opportunity to attend HubSpot’s Partner Day, where they invite their Gold, Platinum, and Diamond partners to hear about future directions and collaborate on strategy. Much of what they cover is under non-disclosure, so I won’t disclose, but this blog was triggered by a passing comment made by a presenter that really resonated, so I wanted to repeat and expand on it.

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Run – Don’t Walk! – to Get an Editor

Posted by Courtney Wachob | April 19, 2017


If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.

(Or, as Blaise Pascal would have said: Je n’ai fait celle-ci plus longue que parce que je n’ai pas eu le loisir de la faire plus courte.)

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Adjusting for a Marketing Plateau

Posted by Matt Starnes | April 17, 2017


So … how are you doing with those New Year’s resolutions? Can you remember any of them? Are you still working on any of them?

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Finding Meaning in Your Work: Meeting Your Need for Significance and Impact

Posted by Darling Jimenez | April 6, 2017


When I sat down to write this blog, I thought about all the things I could write about: how to increase your website’s effectiveness, how to design your website for conversion, how to hire the right personalities, etc., etc.

However, nothing was compelling enough. I wanted to take it back to the basics and address a more human topic that ties to marketing but also life.

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What is Graymail? (And Why You Should Care)

Posted by Kimberly Hughes | April 4, 2017


I’m 99.99% certain you get graymail – and if you use email marketing, I'm 99.99% sure you’ve sent graymail. Don’t be ashamed; in the past, I’ve been guilty, too.

But now that you’re here, it’s time to spill the ugly truth: graymail hurts your email deliverability and database health more than you know … and here’s why.

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